Things non horsey people don’t understand…

People that do not own/ride horses 9/10 times think the things we do with our horses are absolutely absurd. While us equestrians, think it’s perfectly normal. For example…..

  1. Why we talk to our horses like they are a small child- We see them as little babies not 1500 pound beasts!
  2. Why we like to have photoshoots and PLENTY of selfies with our horses- we must have documentation that our babies love us as much as we think they do. 
  3. Why our horses are priority over EVERYTHING- our horses are our best friend, therapist, and teacher all in one. They rely on us as much as we rely on them. 
  4. Why do we pay so much for tack- you like designer clothes, I like designer tack. Sometimes were tack snobs… We like what we like. 
  5. How is sitting on an animal fun- most people are terrified to do what we do! You cannot explain what horses do for you. You have to experience it yourself. 

Thank you for reading!!



Remember the beginner…

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (especially in the equestrian world) starts from the bottom. You cannot buy good equitation, horsemanship, or a bond with an animal. It comes with time, patience and care. Though, we tend to shut out the newbies in our sport till they get on “our level”. 

“True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.” 

As older equestrians, it is imperative to leave an impact on the younger, upcoming generation of equestrians. I understand being the new girl, and also the older girl. I started riding in 6th grade, which if you are not aware is a very awkward time in life… The older girls shut me out, like I was less of a person because I had just now taken on riding! But I now have come to the point where I am considered an older girl; I have the opportunity to impact someone’s life.

 What so many people don’t understand, is that these new girls look up to the older girls, and could have a life long impact on their life! Be a positive influence in a world full of negatives… Include everyone, be kind, don’t give up. 

Building confidence on horseback 

  Confidence: something everyone wants though few have. Horses have the ability to make or break our confidence, through successes and failures alike. To be able to sit on a wild animal, and take it through any type of course should give one confidence. Though lately, the skills equestrians posess have been taken for granted, and not given the credit it deserves. Every equestrian must remember one thing… You are a bad ass who rides a wild animal. Remember that not many people can do what you do. 

Everyone faces a time when they completely lose their confidence and drive, but it is not how we lose it, it’s how we regain it. 

How I regained my confidence after a bad fall: 

  • Start back slow & give yourself time to heal
  • Mind / Matter = remember what you’re fearing now will not bother you in a couple weeks/months/years
  • Make sure you are on a good horse to start back on, another major set back is creating a bigger disaster 
  • BREATHE and don’t lose your head you know what you can do 
  • Put on your big girl breeches and face your fear as much as you don’t want to
  • Keep in mind the reason you started this sport, and the reason you have pushed on this far

Be strong & be confident my fellow equestrians. Xoxo. 

First post!

   Hi! My name is Lauren and I am an equestrian. I own 3 horses: 2 thoroughbreds (1 ottb and 1 unraced) and a quarter horse. I also have the privilege to ride many horses at my barn, like Cooper (pictured). The purpose of this blog will be to share my progress and goals with horses, and give reviews on methods and tack I’ve used. To start out since it is the beginning of 2016, I will share my goals for the year. 

  • Do as many horse shows as possible
  • Do rated shows 
  • Get onto a college equestrian team
  • Get my horses in top condition
  • Win grand at a higher level show
  • Improve my eq
  • Show on my thoroughbred paint Fire
  • Do jumpers with my ottb Joe
  • Start Moe my qh on barrels and poles

Those are just a few of my many goals for the year. 

Thank you for reading!